Copper industry

RameA major European group, KME has for over a century been a leading player in the global copper processing industry

KME Group traces its roots back over a century to SMI, Società Metallurgica Italiana, established in 1886 and quoted on the Milan Stock Exchange between 1897 and 2012. Today, more than twenty years after the corporation first started expanding internationally in 1987, KME Group enjoys a position of undisputed leadership in the global market of copper and copper alloy semifinished products (not inclusive of conductors and wires), with a portfolio of products which also extends to special components for high-tech applications.

KME Group came into being in 1995, bringing together a number of European industrial companies with a long tradition in the copper industry. Today, the Group runs 13 production plants and a thick network of trading companies located in the world’s principal industrial areas.

KMEKME in short

  • Revenue, 3 billion euros
  • Annual production, 485,000 tons
  • 13 production sites: 12 in Europe and one in China
  • Net worth/debt ratio < 50%
  • Global sales network with offices, agencies and trading companies in 4 continents
  • 2 state-of-the art research centres: one in Italy and one in Germany
  • Service and technical assistance centres in the world’s principal industrial areas
  • 6,250 employees, more than 11,000 shareholders and 21,000 commercial partners
  • Headquarters and Centre of Operations: Florence, Italy
  • Fondazione nel 1886 e quotazione alla borsa di Milano nel 1897
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