Financial sector

Intek Group

In the financial sector, Intek Group manages the holdings and funds already controlled by IntekCapital, whose operations portfolio is presently undergoing value enhancement.

The Group’s traditional activities in the private equity field are also pursued through I2Capital Partners, a closed-end investment fund focussing on Special Situations.

I2 Capital PartnersIn 2007, I2Capital Partners totalled 200 million Euros in underwritten investment.

As of 31 December 2011, the overall amount from the starting date of the fund’s operations stood at 112 million Euros, with 52.5 million euros worth of existing investments.

On 24 June 2011, following the merger by absorption of its fully controlled subsidiary IntekCapital, Intek was entered by Banca d’Italia, the Italian National Bank, in its General Register, pursuant to Article 106 Legislative Decree 385/1993. Intek has thus changed its business object which, as well as managing its holdings, now also includes the financing operations which earlier were carried out by its subsidiary.


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